This document outlines the general process which I use to produce custom work. This helps define expectations for both the artist and the client. There is, of course, room for adaptation depending on the nature of your project!
procedure OVERVIEW
Part One: Discussion
One hour meeting
- We sit down to discuss the background of the project, sharing relevant research and references, and discuss initial options.
- Please bring any relevant sketches, reference images, and similar products to this meeting.
- I will bring any relevant material or work samples to this meeting.
- I should be able to give you an estimate of a timeframe for how long the project will take and what pricing should look based on our discussion.
Part Two: Prototyping
- When you are ready to go forward with the project, I will require you to sign a contract and a $200 - 400 deposit which will go towards your final cost.
- I go and make prototypes. I will reach out to you regularly about my progress and for feedback.
- Minimum 2 week time for prototype delivery.
Part Three: Iteration
- We meet up again with the current prototype(s) and discuss any changes we want to make with the design. Repeat parts two and three until we are satisfied with the project.
- Additional rounds of prototyping will incur additional fees.
Part Four: Production
This part can go several ways depending on the project. The delivery of the final product will differ depending on the type of project, which we will discuss at this time. Here are the options for production models:
           1. Wholesale model: (example: a product which I make in a specific quantity and you sell/ distribute it) I will make you a specified number of the product to be sold to you at 50% of the retail cost (standard wholesale rate). This would be priced according to a standard pricing formula that takes into account the cost of material as well as labor. If you sell out and want more, you can then reach back out to me to make another batch. You pay for the labor of the design process up front and after that only pay the wholesale price for the product.
           2. Design only model: (example: a T-shirt design which you will have printed by a third party). We will discuss payment for the rights to the design, and whether those rights are exclusive to you or if I can also use them.
           3. Commission model: (example: a unique artwork) Once the project is finished, I sell it to you. The price would be calculated based on final time and material costs. We will also discuss whether this is a design I may reproduce to sell myself (such as small prints or jewelry pieces), or if you want an exclusive item never to be reproduced, which may incur an additional fee (this depends a lot on the nature and medium of the commission). I always reserve the right to photograph and include the piece in my portfolio of work.

Process + Pricing Examples
Example 1 : A wholesale product
Brief: A client wants me to design and produce 20 pairs of earrings based on a specific plant to sell at their plant store.
We meet to discuss the brief and share ideas.
I will make several prototypes of different colors and sizes over the next month. I reach out to them a few times to ask for feedback on artwork and share progress.
We meet and pick one of the designs to produce, no need to prototype again.
I produce the product over the next 2 months and deliver it to them.
Final cost:
    Design: 17 hours of work at $20/hr                       340
    Supplies                                                                    10
    Product: 20 pairs of earrings at $10/each            200
                                                                              + ______
Example 2 : A personal gift (commission)
Brief: A client wants me to design a custom linocut art print of them and their romantic partner for their anniversary.
We meet to discuss the brief and share ideas. They bring photos of them and their partner, as well as any inspiring material. We decide on a basic sketch to work from as well as a size of 8x10”.
I make a more detailed drawing of what I plan to do with the print over the next two weeks. I reach out to them for feedback on the drawing, and it needs a couple changes. Once those are fixed, I transfer the drawing to a block and begin carving, which takes a few weeks. I make the first pull of the print in black and white.
We meet and discuss the prototype. I bring paper and ink samples, and we decide on a dark blue ink on a light blue paper.
I create the final print. The piece is very personal, and not something I would want to sell copies of, but I would make a copy for my own records and to display in my portfolio. The client decides to pick out and purchase a frame for the piece on their own.
Final cost:
    Design:     Drawing - 3 hrs @ $20/hr            60
                      Drawing edits - 2 hrs                   40
                      Carving - 4 hrs                             80
                      Supplies - carving block              12
    Product:     printing labor and supplies       40
                                                                    + ______